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Mercoledì 08 Maggio 2013

The Autoritratto Auschwitz/ L’occhio è per così dire l’evoluzione biologica di una lagrima will be presented at the Mumok di Vienna on May 29.

The last work of Alberto Grifi, the Autoritratto Auschwitz / L'occhio è per così dire l'evoluzione biologica di una lagrima, will be presented on May 29, 2013 at the MUMOK ini Vienna in the version edited in 2007. Il MUMOK, the Museo d'Arte Moderna di Vienna, has included the film in the programme KINO thanks as well to the contributions of artists, historians and scholars, wishing to explore the relationships between visual, performance and avant-garde arts and the social sciences. The May 29 event under the name of "Testing Rehearsals", sponsored by the historian a Sabeth Buchmann and the artist Constanze Ruhm (already involved in Alberto Grifi's works during the event dedicated to ANNA by Grifi & Sarchielli at the Arsenal in Berlin last December), investigates the dynamics in producing emotions between reality and invention.