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Venerdì 26 Ottobre 2012


Night without end has come back after the summer interval to pay homage to Alberto Grifi, the great, tireless experimentalist of forms and languages ever with an eye to social and political events in our country.

Anna will be shown from the 22nd - a document/monument against the cinema and a reflection on the ethics from the documentary point of view

This will be followed until dawn by images taken from the Festival of the Proletariat Youth at Parco Lambro in 1976. All the four hours at present available of the entire material will be shown (27 video hours plus 3 16mm hours, waiting to be restored for years) that Grifi filmed together with many collaborators during the days of the Festival organized by Re Nudo. Night without end proposed this material in the most extreme, disorderly (non-) form possible, with the pure and simple 'filming' until dawn broke.

In collaboration with the Associazione Alberto Grifi

Macao, 10 p.m. Friday October 26, presented by Gianmarco Torri.

(it is advisable to bring cushions and sleeping bags)