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Lunedì 09 Luglio 2012

Sangue fresco, Paperina and Parco Lambro

"Young people! How to define them? A sociological category, i believe" This is how the long article, recently found again in an archive called "Sangue fresco" written by Alberto Grifi in 1993 for the Movie Magazine, begins and which we have decided to publish entirely together with the 58' version of the Il festival del proletariato giovanile al Parco Lambro (1976), assembled and commented by Alberto himself. One of the stars appearing in the video, Paperina, writes a moving, tender memory for Alberto, after having seen the video Paperina si rivede (1996) for the first time today where Alberto is commenting and looking at it, twenty years after his intervention at Parco Lambro.

Following the recent restyling of the site in Italian Alberto now speaks English

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