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Venerdì 25 Maggio 2012

Michele alla ricerca della felicità by Alberto Grifi at the “E dopo?” conference in Milan.

The "E dopo?" (And then?) Conference was held in Milan on Monday the 21st of May. This is the time to ponder on the conditions and prospects of ex prisoners in our country.

It was organized by the CulturAperta Association and hosted at the Casa della Carità where the conference covered various live testimonies, theatrical pieces and interventions by speakers. Among these there were the Town Councillor from the Casa del Comune di Milano, Lucia Castellano, Giovanna Di Rosa from the High Magistrates Court, Paolo Giulini the criminologist, Sonia Stefanizzi the sociologist, don Virginio Colmegna and Gianmarco Torri Associazione culturale Alberto Grifi who presented the projection of certain fragments from "Michele alla ricerca della felicità, the work filmed in 1978 by the Roman artist in collaboration with Guido Blumir. The film was first commissioned then censured by Raidue. Its main character regarded Michele, a political prisoner who was present during the violent actions and aggressive attacks of the prison guards on a drug addict.