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Martedì 05 Giugno 2012

Anna by Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli at the New York Light Industry

The Light Industry is located in Brooklyn, New York. It was created and supervised by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter. The project envisaged a series of recurrent events organized over week-ends involving artists, critics and curators.

Going back to a long lasting New York tradition that proposed alternative artistic spaces, the Light Industry is today a meeting point for the public as far as contemporary art, experimental cinema, new media and documentary films are concerned.

Anna by Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli will be hosted by Light Industry on Saturday June 9th, at 3 p.m. showing a version of a restored copy already presented in Venice 68, thanks to the contribution by the Cineteca Nazionale, the Cineteca di Bologna and the Associazione Alberto Grifi.