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Venerdì 20 Aprile 2012

In memory of Alberto

At five years after his death, the Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi decided to remember Alberto through the website and YouTube channel. In the Video Section of the site you will find a selection of all the contents published on the channel dedicated to the artist. Apart from the better known titles, we have favored works that have been little seen even unedited and a selection of interviews and acknowledgements collected and published thanks to the collaboration of the authors who supplied us with the texts.

The website was created according to the wishes of Alberto as a channel for presenting the works and the artist. It was thus transformed into a space that was alive, dynamic and open to confrontation, available for welcoming the contributions of all those who wish to be involved, through the publication of texts, videos and photos. Included in the activities of the Cultural Association, Alberto Grifi, provides for all those interested, over a period of time, a part of the audio/visual and photographic material available in the Archive through an organization of publications and events online. The purpose is to meet the ongoing request for 'viewings' by scholars and enthusiasts. It is further and above all to render Alberto's works available to all those who did not know them yet. Together with all those who wish, we would like to compose a 'constellation' of fragments, comprising remembrances, thoughts, emotions and lives.

We are taking this opportunity to thank all those who have collaborated with us and who wish to follow us along this path by sending their own material and comments on our blog.

In memory of Alberto

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