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  • Ciao Alberto!

    Ciao Alberto! An assembly of fragments taken from the most important works of Alberto Grifi as well as the most interesting interviews made to him. These were provided by the Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi on the occasion of the death of this Roman artist in 2007
  • Bellaria Video Omaggio

    A tribute to Alberto Grifi - the video-fragment Bellaria '93 edited by Dario Zonta. Antonio Rezza, Enrico Ghezzi and Marco Ferreri among others, will be present. Special thanks to Paola Pannicellli.
  • In Viaggio con Patrizia at Festa del Cinema di Roma 2007

    The documentary film "In viaggio con Patrizia" shown at the Festa Internazionale del Cinema di Roma, under the section Extra, on October 20 2007, is the first film that the Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi recovered , re-edited and terminated after our dear Alberto left us. Extracts from films and contributions by Sandro Costa, Ivan Grifi and Tatti Sanguineti were made.
  • Special Prize for Alberto Grifi at the Festa del Cinema di Roma on March 11th 2007

    The Festa del Cinema in collaboration with the Alberto Grifi Cultural Association, Apollo 11 and the Bologna Film Library, pays homage to the greatest film director and scriptwriter Alberto Grifi belonging to the Italian Experimental Cinema of the sixties up to today. His most famous film Anna, created together with Massimo Sarchielli, was shown at the Rome Auditorium Parco della Musica on the 11th of March 2007 where it was then awarded the Special Festa del Cinema Prize (being a recognition of the research and independence of his entire cinematographic work) through which the Festival desired to call attention to and consecrate the unmistakable lifeworks of a filmmaker unlike any other of his kind. This video further bears witness to the most important moments of the evening performances.
  • Alberto Grifi at the 61st Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

    This video bears witness to the presence of Alberto Grifi at the 61st International Exhibition of the Art of Filmmaking in Venice from the 1st to the 11th of September 2004 directed by Marco Müller. The Biennale programme intends to put on show two of Alberto Grifi's works within the section "Underground Italia" as a retrospective of the forgotten Italian cinema, a cinema that represents one of the sole witnesses of a period as intense as it is falsified in our history. The two works proposed are Verifica incerta" and "Transfert per camera verso Virulentia".