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  • Grifi spiegato ai bambini - Il mattatoio su internet by Alberto Grifi

    This video was created by Alberto Grifi in 1994 on the subject as seen by Grifi as a metaphorical place of suffering repressed/forgotten by men, anesthetized and murdered spiritually and physically by capitalist exploitation. Grifi, together with his son Lorenzo, loads onto internet recordings taken in the Terni abattoir of the Veterinary's interview describing the various methods used for slaughtering animals against a background of the heartrending screams of these animals. As Grifi himself said, it is an attempt to 'introduce pain into the aesthetics of informatics, in the science of exploitation. (Annamaria Licciardello) Length: 24'
  • Grifi - LAVANASTRI N°1 - by Alberto Grifi and Paola Pannicelli

    Conversation with Paola Pannicelli - August 1993 (Work In Progress P.P.) The great weariness I felt was caused by the enormous step forward that I found this morning on viewing Grifi's film - THE TAPE LAUNDRETTE N°1. I remember that I experienced a greater clarity on focusing on the scene. I thank you in any case. During the interview with Stefania Rossi, I spoke at length of my irreverent character and finding myself so close to these images defined as such, struck me and moved me at the same time. I had decided to film the steps of assembling the reels turned by Silvano which Alberto intended to assemble onto media to be able to drag the original Parco Lambro tapes, those that stuck together and that had obviously to be washed. I had persisted and persisted yet again during the filming and sometimes, observing it this morning, I had the impression that at certain times, my wish to go beyond my irreverence was excessive. At the same time, I am grateful to my character because the evolution of that day and the film brings us back to this pathway; they form part of an excellent subject. Alberto noticed this and during certain moments it can be seen clearly like in this synthesis, for which I thank all of you and Cristina for having assembled this film. Roma, April 20th 2012 Paola Pannicelli Length: 32'
  • Lia by Alberto Grifi

    The participation of a girl student at the "counter convention" hosted at the Fabbrica della Comunicazione di Brera, against A. Verdiglione's seminary on anti-psychiatry. Year: 1977 Length: 26'
  • Transfert per camera verso Virulentia by Alberto Grifi

    Based on a theatrical work by Aldo Braibanti, the special effects were used in an attempt to create a new visual language able to describe "a new geography of perception and infinite imagery, recollections arising from a very distant phylogenetic past of our animal ancestors, a gift from psychotropic substances '. Date: 1966-1967. Length: 22'
  • Verifica Incerta by Gianfranco Baruchello and Alberto Grifi

    A cinematographic massacre of famous Hollywood films assembled again with a tinge of Dada. It was presented for the first time in Paris where it caused the enthusiasm of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Max Ernst as well as the ostentatious contempt of many famous Italian cinematographic critics. John Cage was enthusiastic about the sound track and presented it to the New York Museum of Modern Art. The method used for the assembly, this "detournement", was inherited by Blob many years later. Date: 1964. Length: 30'